Entry Level Firefighter Bootcamp

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The goal of this course is to recommend interview appearance and attire. Assist in the development the opening and closing statements. We will present strategies for answering the difficult questions in a way that separates you from the “canned answers”. Assist in the development of a plan for improvement to gain the desired position.

  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Content
  • Answer Development Guidelines

One on one tutoring process and a mock interview service is available.


This program, if you follow it, will lower your time on the physical ability test by developing knowledge, skills and abilities along with the physical expertise and stamina to be able to meet the needs of the exercise process.  It will also identify if you have the capacity to learn and strenuous exercise. The topics covered:

  • Test Elements
  • Techniques
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Preparatory Workouts

If you do not do well with the workouts you can enroll in our one on one physical ability counseling process.


We review concepts, formulas, rules and skills.  We include helpful hints for studying and testing. We suggest you stop as often as you would like to take notes, think, and work through example problems. The diagnostic testing is after the class is completed. The topics covered:

  • Preparation
  • Types of Questions
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Tutoring Process

If you do not do well in the diagnostic testing you can enroll in our one on one tutoring process.


This course covers all of the components of the application process.  The course explains how to list the most appropriate information and how to deal with the not so flattering information.  The topics covered:

  • Cover Letter
  • Application
  • Qualification Resume’
  • Interview Resume’

One on one tutoring process and a resume service is available.